I Am My Father's Daughter

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January Daughter Mentality

"I'm focused on my assignment"

Spiritual Truth
So many times we try to do things our own way and totally forget what our Father has instructed us to do. Even worse, we try to figure out, at times, just how He’s going to work out our circumstances. It’s not for us to figure out “how”

our Dad is going to do what He’s going to do, but rather to “trust” that He will do what He has promised.  Our part is to follow His every word.

Watch your words.

Resolve to say in agreement only what the Lord says. Don’t allow yourself to say things that contradict what you are capable of doing through His strength.

Faith Confession for the Month

I am well able to walk in the plan my Father has for me. It’s a good plan. I’m looking forward and moving ahead in my purpose. I am balanced because I do exactly what my Father tells me to do. Jesus is Lord of my life. All of the Lord's plans for me are accomplished and His Word is faithfully being fulfilled in my life. In Jesus Name, Amen

February Daughter Mentality

"Pay attention to what the Father is doing".


Spiritual Truth

Our Father has a plan for our lives. He uses His hand for good on our behalf. The focus this month is to key into what The Father is doing. When we take the time to focus on what His plan is for our lives and how He is moving or working that plan on our behalf, we amazingly become more and more aware of what He wants us to do. This is how we always win in life. What is our Dad moving you away from and leading you towards? Sometimes we hold onto things we should let go of and let go of things we should hold onto. As daughters, we must learn to focus on knowing the difference between our Father’s hand and the hand of the enemy. This month let’s not give the enemy the good things the Lord has given us. Allow our Heavenly Father to teach and show you what things you should hold onto and what things you should let go. Our Father will lead you into paths that are right for you.


Watch your emotions

Change can be emotional. Constantly make your faith confession and don’t allow your emotions to dictate to you how you should feel. Feelings are always subject to change. Remember, we are focusing on what the Father is doing and allowing Him to teach us what and how to keep that which is good, and release that which is not.

Faith Confession for this Month

My Father has a great plan for my life. His hand is ever moving on my behalf. The Lord leads me into paths that are right for me. I am holding fast to that which is good and letting go of all that is not the Lord's best for my life. In Jesus Name, Amen.

March Daughter Mentality

"I'm a Big Time Daddy's Girl. My Father is My Sourse.


Spiritual Truth

The point my lovely sister is this; we have a Father that takes very good care of us. We are partakers of His Divine Nature. We have His D.N.A. (Divine Nature Ability) and He gives us promises by which to live so we don’t have to covet anyone or anything. This month let’s focus on the Lord continually being our source and our helper.

Watch your thoughts

When you are growing more dependent on The Father and less dependent upon people, you must practice the daily discipline of giving the Lord thanks. As you daily give our Father thanks for being your source and provider think of how much this gives Him pleasure. We are made in His image and He loves the praises of His children. Think about how your trust in Him brings Him great joy.

Faith Confession for the Month

I am my Father’s Daughter. He takes very good care of me. All my needs are met. The Lord supplies all my needs and I am confident that all He has is mine. I’m just like Him on this earth. Every good thing is readily available to me. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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"By living under the influence and guidance of the Holy Spirit, I demonstrate the fact that  I am a Daughter of  God"

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