How to stay focused on what you're focusing on.

I'm not an expert on always getting everything right. I've learned pretty good and interesting lessons by getting several things wrong. However, one thing I know for sure, I was given by God at birth the ability to focus. I'm sure I wasn't good at it at first but the ability was there to perfect this gift. At first, like most young children, I mainly focused on food, colorful objects and pretty shiny things. With time, I became good at focusing on whatever my eyes concentrated on. The key is to develop your ability to maintain focus without being distracted. This seems to be a lifelong discipline. Here are 5 keys to help you keep your focus on the goal.

1. Pray consistently daily

Prayer is a powerful force that keeps you focused, grounded and connected to the Lord. Prayer allows you to talk to the Lord while also allowing you to listen for His divine leading. Prayer centers you. When you humble yourself and pray you open yourself up to the blessings of the Lord.

2. Apply a "why" to the reason you must stay focused on your goal.

When we are passionate about someone or something, allowing that passion to become the reason "why" we must succeed many times adds extra determination to our efforts. A good example of this would be looking for an additional source of income as your children needed extra resources. The love and concern you have for your family gives you the extra determination to acquire an additional stream of income. Or maybe you are concerned about the homeless population so you use your resources to raise funds for a homeless shelter. Attaching your "why" can give you the extra encouragement you need to succeed.

3. Making daily faith confessions that affirm your successful outcome.

A faith confession is a statement you choose to make in agreement with God's word regardless of the current circumstances. A faith confession is more than a positive affirmation. A faith confession uses the Word of God as its supporting foundation. Every word and statement agrees with what the Lord has spoken. When you say in agreement what the Lord has spoken you put the creative power of God at work on your behalf. In Mark 11:23 Jesus says you will have what you continually say. This is a good reason why we must say it until we see it.

4. Get an accountability partner.

Having a person that's responsible to check your progress can help you maintain your focus and stay on course. It's always a good idea to have an accountability partner.

5. Write down your goals and make a daily schedule.

Writing down your goals helps you to know exactly what your assignment is. Having a clear detailed written goal is the beginning of your pursuit. Having a schedule also helps to maintain a better use of your time. When I've applied these principles to my life I can honestly say I've had great success. Likewise, when I chose rather not to apply them I found my time mishandled and my frustration levels high. The Lord always gives us correct instruction but it's up to us to follow His lead.

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